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Rigid MOLLE Panel - Heavy Duty - 15.25in x 25in
Back Seat rifle holder or gun rack
Rifle back seat cover
Molle panel for back or front of seat gun holder
Back of seat molle gun holder with straps
Rifleholder for back seat
Molle panel for tactical gear on seat
tactical seat cover
tactical seat cover
molle panel
panel for seat cover and organizer
close up of holder
Hook for tactical seat cover

Rigid MOLLE Panel - Heavy Duty - 15.25in x 25in


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****11-26-2018 UPDATE: This Product page used to be for the HDPE "original" version of the 15.25in x 25in panel. We no longer make this version, and instead all packages will now ship with the upgraded "Heavy Duty" version of the panel. Any references in the reviews to the panel needing more stiffness were referencing the original version, the updated Heavy Duty version is 10x stiffer than the original and does not need the steel stiffener bars.****

Tactical Seat Cover

The Grey Man Tactical line of products is built around Rigid MOLLE Panels designed to take the jumble of equipment you use on patrol, deployed or in the field and keep everything organized and within easy reach. Whether it is your MRAP, patrol car, competition Pelican gear case, hunting backpack or every day carry bag we all have the potential to suffer from a squirrels nest of gear clumping into a tangled pile. Rigid MOLLE Panels give users a variety of universal sized panels that fit on vehicle seat backs, Pelican (or other) gear case lids, backpacks, and anywhere else you can think to mount them. With the ability to interface any of your MOLLE compatible gear with the Rigid MOLLE Panel, your customization options for your mission are endless. Makes this great for a tactical seat cover to organize your gear. Currently made of HDPE polymer most of our panels feature a great blend of stiffness, durability and ductility which offers a rigid mounting platform that is shatter resistant. However the same ductility that helps prevent shattering also allows some flexing and bowing when heavily loaded which is undesirable in certain applications such as on a vehicle seat back.


Truck Gun Rank and Organization for Seats 

The single most popular product in our line up is the 15.25in x 25in Rigid MOLLE Panel with seat mounting straps and a rifle rack. Military, Law Enforcement, ranchers and hunters commonly utilize this configuration to provide quick access weapon storage in addition to keeping other tools and gear within arms reach from the driver or rear seat. In this application users were finding some bowing was occurring when heavy loads were carried in the center of the panel constructed of HDPE polymer. To reduce this flexing or bowing we had the option of metal panels or a Glass Reinforced Polymer (GRP). We chose to create an injection mold and utilize Glass Reinforced Polymer to upgrade the 15.25in x 25in Rigid MOLLE Panel to a much stiffer enhanced version now available as the "Rigid MOLLE Panel - Heavy Duty - 15.25in x 25in". This version features benefits over metal versions with reduced retail price, lighter weight, no concerns of damage to weapons or other gear and no corrosion concerns. With a simple no drilling / no tools installation and removal that can be completed in under 60 seconds, this storage system enables users to secure their weapons and gear without the trouble of permanent modifications to their vehicles.
With full production kicked off in October 2018 Grey Man Tactical will be offering this upgraded Heavy Duty GRP Rigid MOLLE Panel for sale to the Military, Law Enforcement and public with a variety of accessories. Already in use with a wide array of United States and International military, federal law enforcement and local law enforcement users, this is a combat and field proven system for saving lives by decreasing reaction time when seconds count. 




Made for Vertical applications such as Vehicle / Truck / Patrol Car seat back mounting.

Material: Injection Molded Glass Filled Nylon

Panel Weight: 34.5 ounces each



Height: 25" 

Width: 15.25" 

Thickness: 0.188"

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United States

Strong simple and secure!

I use this in the passenger seat of my patrol car and makes everything secure and organized! Holds everything without moving or sliding anywhere! Great customer service as well!

John N.
United States

Everything I could ask for+

I go to the range quite often and use different weapon systems for everything from 3 gun to hunting to just paying homage to the gods of pew. The biggest concern in had was storing ammo, rifles, targets, PPE, little odds and ends. This panel allowed me to keep everything in place and secure while driving on roads and back country. Well worth the purchase. I'll be buying another one for the other side of the truck

John N. verified customer review of Rigid Insert Panel MOLLE (RIP-M) - 15.25in x 25inJohn N. verified customer review of Rigid Insert Panel MOLLE (RIP-M) - 15.25in x 25in

Perfect Asset

The molle panel has been an absolute God send. It has freed up space in my rig, and is a dream for weapon organization. Your load out is safe and secure on the panel. Very convenient for anyone that keeps weapons, and supplies in their truck or car.

Stickman verified customer review of Rigid Insert Panel MOLLE (RIP-M) - 15.25in x 25in
United States

Rigid MOLLE Panel - Heavy Duty - 15.25in x 25in

Works well, easy to install and easy to deploy quickly from the driver seat. Mounted on the back of the passenger seat of a 2012 Dodge Charger.

Anonymous verified customer review of Rigid Insert Panel MOLLE (RIP-M) - 15.25in x 25inAnonymous verified customer review of Rigid Insert Panel MOLLE (RIP-M) - 15.25in x 25inAnonymous verified customer review of Rigid Insert Panel MOLLE (RIP-M) - 15.25in x 25in
Jimmy B.
United States

Awesome product

This system is used in my patrol vehicle and makes it functional and looks awesome. Would highly recommend this product to anyone in any profession.

Jimmy B. verified customer review of Rigid Insert Panel MOLLE (RIP-M) - 15.25in x 25in