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backpack organizer insert for any bag
Molle panel backpack organizer insert
Panel inside of backpack ready to organize your gear
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backpack organizer insert standalone
man with his backpack on with backpack organizer insert
backpack organizer insert being show inside bag with guy pulling out items

Rigid Insert Panel MOLLE (RIP-M) - 10.75in x 19in


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Backpack Organizer Insert

The RIP-M is designed to be a customize-able MOLLE panel that can be inserted into your bag and be rigid enough to not slump over. Organize all your gear into one easy spot. Group or combine everything that is important.  No more pulling every loose item out of your bag to find the one thing you need right now. If you need to access gear at the bottom of your bag, pull your RIP-M panel out and slide it back in your bag just as easily once you are done. 

Backpack Insert Compatibility

The 10.75in x 19in RIPM fits:

- Go Ruck GR1 26L Main Compartment (see 9.25in x 17in for Hydration/Laptop Compartment)

- Triple Aught Design TAD FAST Pack Litespeed

- Any bag with interior dimensions equal to or greater than 10.75in wide x 19in tall

Backpack Insert Converts to Standalone Backpack

Can be changed from a seat back carry to a standalone backpack carry by utilizing two of the QD Push Button Mounting Straps (36in). Shoulder pads not available through GMT. 


GMT Rigid MOLLE Panel converts to standalone backpack with QD Push Button Straps



Material: High Strength Polyethylene 

Weight: 14 ounces




Width: 10.75" 

Height: 19" 

Thickness: 0.188"


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Jordan A.
United States

Perfect fit.

Extremely well made and perfect fitment for my Chrome industries Cargo backpack. Thing functions great in a roll top bag. Slowly building up my board with pouches and a holster.

Jordan A. verified customer review of Rigid Insert Panel MOLLE (RIP-M) - 10.75in x 19in
Alexander Leonard

Best way to organize your gear

This insert hands down, is the best thing you can buy if you’re a gear nut and like things organized. For me it’s to organize my EDC gear, range equipment and hiking essentials. It’s super sturdy, not too much flex, but enough so when it’s on your back, it contours to you. It’s all stored in a GR1 ruck bag. I have mine setup with, starting from top to bottom, a DARK Angel Gen 3 IFAK, MSM bottle corset, 5.11 6x6 med pouch, and a 5.11 10x6 accessory pouch. Having the insert beats the hell out of digging through your bag to find something. The convenience of pulling it out and everything comes out seamlessly, best bang for your buck.


Makes the GR1 even better

This panel fits the Goruck GR1 perfectly. Trade out the non-standard Goruck MOLLE at the top for this panel, and your bag can do anything. My setup (pictured) uses the panel, and then holds most of what I want quick access to at the top of the panel: a Maxpedition SOP for audio gear (Bluetooth headsets), a dual mag holster for my glasses and sunglasses, a phone holster, and a water bottle. In the photo, you probably can't see the mag holsters - I attached the phone holster and water bottle to their front webbing. Instead of all that "immediate access" stuff floating to the bottom of the bag, it's all readily accessible just by unzipping the top zipper, and it stays put so there's no fishing around. Down at the bottom, I have a tech carrier that holds all my charging cords and laptops, and the GR1 folds flat making it super-easy to get to. Another benefit of the panel is that if I want to get at the iPad in the ruck sleeve, I just reach behind the panel and everything is out of the way. It's so much better than I believed it would be that I'm considering buying extra panels so that I can have a "work" panel with EDC and a "hiking" panel when I want to do something off the beaten path. Then swapping out the mission is a matter of swapping out the panel, and it's super quick!

Matthew verified customer review of Rigid Insert Panel MOLLE (RIP-M) - 10.75in x 19in
Todd F.
United States

GR1 Set Up

This panel fits snug in my GR1 and has lots of options. Definitely helps reduce stuff ending up at the bottom of the ruck.

Todd F. verified customer review of Rigid Insert Panel MOLLE (RIP-M) - 10.75in x 19in
Verified Buyer

Great for GR1

“I use this RIP for my GR1 in the field and for storage. It’s keeps everything in the right spot so there’s no scrambling to find tools when you need them immediately. The RIP allows for increased rigidity and versatility in what you carry. Pictured is the RIP-M 10.75x19, Vedder LightTuck Kydex (storm grey) ITW holster, Sig P224, Leatherman, two off-market pouches, double mag holder and grab strap with room to spare. Highly recommended piece of kit that was coupled with excellent service.”

Verified Buyer verified customer review of Rigid Insert Panel MOLLE (RIP-M) - 10.75in x 19in