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Grey Man Tactical products are currently deployed within every branch of the US military, often purchased on the small unit or individual level. Our products have been repeatedly field tested in combat deployments by SOCOM, US Army, US Marines, and others with no reports of breakage or equipment failure. 

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Contact Paul at cs@greyman-tactical.com for assistance.

Expanding Fighting Capability in Armored SUVs



US Army

Currently using the panels in our armored SUV's here in Iraq, and they have helped tremendously with organizing all the various equipment being utilized (from medical, to extra ammo, to pyro, or tools). Currently we have pyro, and additional ammo mounted which hasn't caused any warping problems at all with the weight. The panels are well constructed, with a professional look. They will be able to withstand normal wear and tear of common military needs. Would definitely recommend for anyone interested in this type of organization (military or civilian).


Quick Response Storage for Armored Vehicles


Expanding Fighting Capability in Low Profile Armored SUVs



We received four vehicle panels with mounting straps. The two larger panels were mounted on the rear of the driver's seat in two Armored Land Cruisers. The two smaller panels were mounted behind the driver's seat in two Armored Toyota Hilux Pickups. Communication with Greyman Tactical - Outstanding, our emails and questions were answered quickly. It was apparent the team at Greyman want to field a good product, so they welcomed our suggestions and comments. Product - Panel - I'll be honest, there were a few comments to why wasn't the panel of soft material - there was a feeling it would "mold" to the back of the seat better. Well, all the nay sayers changed their tune once the panels were mounted, pouches secured and loaded. The straps kept the panel tight against the seat back; there was no sagging. The more we ride in the vehicles, the more positive comments are made about the panels, straps, and overall construction. We've had them installed for about 2-months now and as you can imagine they get banged, snagged, grabbed, you name it and they've held up well - they look brand new. Can't say enough about the quality and the team at Greyman. Job well done.


Pelican Deployment Case Lid Organizer

Mission Specific Interchangeable Panels for Backpacks and Rucks


Private Security Contractor

I got the panel for my 1660 lid. It fits perfectly and the install is a breeze, it allows me to keep all my gear organized and readily accessible. I am a private security contractor and an Executive Protection Agent, which means the mission set is always changing. These RIP Panels allow for a instantaneous switch when the mission calls for it, and for that reason I have the RIP Panels in my 1660, my EDC bag, and my EDC lite bag. Grey Man Tactical has made a great product!! Looking forward to see what they come up with next.


Mission Specific Interchangeable Panels for Backpacks and Rucks


Private Security Contractor

"Love the panel, rigged up a way to carry your chest rig long distance, and with a quick swapping sides with buckles it doubles as an e&e pack or direct action back pack.The 2 of the pouches on the panel are HSGI. A water bottle taco and Med taco with hyfin vents, 4" flat nar truama bandage, sealed guaze, quick clot, decompression needle an nasal airway. The other 2 pouches are first spear; a general purpose pouch with magnesium stick, knife sharpener, multi tool, titanium spork, pop out bowl an cup, liquid stitches, rubber bands an zip ties, 4 green glow sticks an 4 ir glowsticks. The belt ammo pouch carries 5 pmags."

Pelican Case Lid Organizer for Flight Gear

UH-60 Aviator

US Army

As advertised, this panel fits perfectly into the Pelican 1620 case via pre-drilled holes. This comes in very handy as an addition to my 1620 which is used for flight/pilot gear. I'll be recommending this to fellow aviators/crew chiefs.