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What is it, and how do you use it?

Most of you knew exactly what this was as soon as you saw it and already had the wheels spinning in your mind on what you wanted to set up with a Rigid MOLLE Panel. For those of you with few more questions, I hope this helps clarify it:

Suggested Use:

1. Lace MOLLE Pouches onto panel

Standard MOLLE / PALS Webbing Lace On System:


Esstac Pouches with included WTF Straps Installation Guide:

Esstac 6 Cell Pouch, Maxpedition Pouches, and other pouches with loose enough webbing loops on the back can be used with Blackhawk Speed Clips, Tactical Tailor Malice Clips, or Duraflex Molle Sticks.

Blackhawk Speed Clips

Tactical Tailor Malice Clips

Duraflex Molle Sticks

Maxpedition Pouch with supplied Straps

2. Drill and Screw on accessories as needed

3. Insert into Backpack

4. Mount to Safe door

5. Mount it to Pelican Case Lid

6. Purchase additional Mounting Strap set, lace female receiver buckle through slots around exterior. Use longer straps with Male buckle to lash around mounting point.

7. Mount to seat backs, boats, doors etc.. See Our Page "Pictures From the Field" for more ideas.